16.5M Skippers Ticket Courses

The Under 16.5m Skippers ticket can be completed after 18 months of proven sea time. Fishermen can apply to Seafish for the skippers ticket once the following training courses have been completed:

Basic Safety Training
Personal Survival Techniques STCW 95/ Sea Survival
Elementary First Aid STCW 95 / Basic First Aid for Fishermen
Fire Fighting and Prevention for Fishermen

Health & Safety
Safety Awareness and Risk Assessment (after 2 years fishing)

Further Training- Skipper Certificate
2/5 day Navigation and Watchkeeping course**
2 day Engineroom Watchkeeping course or 30h MCA AEC Diesel Engine course
1 day Stability Awareness for Experienced Fishermen course*

1 day Advanced Stability Awareness course*
GMDSS VHF Short Range Certificate (Radio Operator)- RYA course

*Effective 1st June 2017, both the Restricted and Unrestricted Under 16.5m Skippers certificate include two 1 day courses on stability awareness entitled Stability Awareness for Experienced Fishermen ( formerly Intermediate Stability) and Advanced Stability Awareness.  Any fishermen who already holds the previous Intermediate Stability Awareness Certificate would only need to complete the Advanced Stability Awareness course as part of the Under 16.5m Skippers Certificate.

**In respect to Navigation and Watchkeeping – the difference between the 5 day and the 2 day watchkeeping course, is that the 5 day course allows you to fish beyond 20nm from a safe haven; and take out up to 12 passengers to a maximum of 20nm from a safe haven. The 2 day course however only allows you to fish up to 30nm from a safe haven and carry up to 12 passengers out to a maximum of 3nm from a safe haven. Due to the enhanced content and broader benefits of the 5 day course we tend to offer this course more frequently.

Please note: that the qualifications gained apply to the person and not the vessel – i.e. The vessel will have to meet other legal requirements.

Acceptance of under 16.5m Skippers Certificates for small commercial vessel operations

The Under 16.5m Skippers Certificate is recognised by the MCA for use on Small Commercial Vessels as follows:

Under 16.5m Skippers Certificate (beyond 20 nautical miles) may be used on Small Commercial Vessels operating up to Area Category 3 (up to 20nm from a safe haven);

Under 16.5m Skippers Certificate (up to 20nm) may be used on Small Commercial Vessels operating up to Area Category 6 (up to 3nm from a nominated departure point named in the certificate and never more than 3nm from land, in favourable weather and daylight).

Full details on the ‘Training and Certification Requirements for the Crew of Fishing Vessels and their Applicability to Small Commercial Vessels and Large Yachts’ can be found in Marine Guidance Note 411


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