Funding for Fishermen's Safety Refresher Training
Thursday, 10 November 2011 12:44

Experienced fishermen who completed mandatory basic safety training courses more than three years ago, will be able to voluntarily attend new, updated training courses in sea survival, fire fighting, first aid and safety awareness free of charge, for a limited time.

Experienced fishermen holding a Safety Awareness certificate who can evidence that they have already attended basic safety training courses more than 3 years ago will be accepted for funded refresher safety training. Each course can be refreshed individually as it becomes 3 years old.

Visit our "Course Dates" page for scheduled courses.

Why should fishermen refresh their certificates?

The poor safety record of fishermen and fishing vessels is widely recognised and reported. In November 2008, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) published a report entitled "Analysis of UK Fishing Vessel Safety 1992-2006". This report concluded that whilst the number of fishing vessel accidents over the period had fallen, the accident rate has actually increased since 2002. During this period 256 fishermen died, equivalent to an annual average rate of 126 deaths per 100,000 fishermen, which is many times higher than any other industry (including agriculture and construction). Nearly one third of all fatalities resulted from crew going overboard.

Under existing basic safety training legislation, there is no requirement for fishermen to undertake refresher training to keep their safety skills and knowledge up-to-date. However, as this legislation was introduced in 1989, the majority of experienced fishermen completed their safety training many years ago. Inevitably, much of what was learnt at this time may have been forgotten and furthermore, there have been significant changes in first aid practices, safety procedures and developments in safety equipment.

The benefits of attending Refresher Safety Training

Fishermen re-attending basic safety training will be brought up-to-date with the latest developments in safety practices, procedures and equipment and be better able to respond promptly and correctly in the event of an accident or emergency.
In re-attending these courses fishermen will be equipped with information and guidance on undertaking safety drills onboard their vessels, to ensure that the lessons learned from the training are applied in the workplace.

Apart from the obvious enhancement to safety knowledge and skills, certificates* issued by Seafood Cornwall Training to those attending refresher courses in Elementary First Aid and Sea Survival (Personal Survival Techniques) courses will be recognised for use in other maritime industries. This will provide fishermen with the opportunity to supplement their fishing income, with income from other maritime work. (*The certificates issued in First Aid and Sea Survival by Seafood Cornwall Training will be both Seafish and STCW 95 certified.)

Upon completion of each course,beneficiaries will receive a pack of relevant information and fishermen completing refresher training in all four basic safety courses will be issued with a credit card sized, plastic photo-ID safety training card evidencing their achievement, as well as new improved paper certificates for each of the courses they complete.

This programme of refresher training and the information packs provided will make a significant contribution to the collective efforts of Seafish, DfT and MCA aimed at achieving a reduction in the number of accidents, fatalities and vessel losses in the UK fishing industry.

The Safety Refresher Training project has been jointly financed by:
Sea Fish Industry Authority
Department for Transport
Seafarers UK
Trinity House
Scottish Fishing Trust
Maritime & Coastguard Agency
The European Fisheries Fund

And is supported by the Fishing Industry Safety Group, which includes representatives from the National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations, the Scottish Fishermen's Federation, the Northern Ireland Fishermen's Federation, the Department for Transport, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (letters of support attached).

To book a place on a course please contact us on 01736 364324 or email Emma at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fishermen: If you have lost or misplaced your old certificates, we can help you to find details of when and where you last completed baic safety training courses, via the Seafish database.



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